EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

NIS 2 is coming! Are you ready?








What is NIS 2?

NIS 2 is an EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity with two main objectives:

  • To establish guidelines for organisations that provide essential and important services, so they know how to react in the event of a cyber threat.
  • To improve collaboration between EU member states on cybersecurity matters.

By 17th October 2024, it is mandatory that EU members ensure compliance with the NIS 2 measures, in order to avoid unnecessary fines. Now is the time for companies to prepare for NIS 2.

Who does it concern?

NIS-2 expands the scope of the original NIS Directive to cover a wider range of industries, including energy, transport, banking, digital infrastructure, public administration, and more.


Get ready with expert help

How can Saifort help you with compliance?

We pinpoint the core functions and procedures of your business, ensuring that all NIS 2 measures are executed flawlessly. We achieve it by:

Evaluation and Diagnosis

We can help you determine how much NIS 2 will impact your business, starting with the analytical stage.

We will define your compliance roadmap at the end of this step.

Implementation of the Roadmap

We can then assist you with implementing the various security measures since we are thoroughly aware of your firm’s security requirements.

Our professionals might be involved in many capacities: as a backup for your existing teams or as the true compliance drivers.

We can also step in as auditors and evaluate any ongoing compliance projects that the business may have.

Continuous observation

Since achieving NIS 2 compliance is a continuous process, we extend our offer to assist you in ensuring the implemented measures are sustainable and, if needed, modifying them.

Our committed staff is available to offer you continuing assistance with this work, namely by conducting routine compliance audits and ensuring corrective measures are appropriately implemented.

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